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Living large: road-testing the broadsheet pack-up

1 Feb

Basic but tasty: the tuna sandwich as (slightly) remodelled by Allegra McEvedy

A tip of the Bare Grills hat this week goes to the Guardian’s Allegra McEvedy for her recent series on the humble pack-up. I religiously take packed lunches with me wherever possible, because these are three of my vices:

  • I’m tight (especially at this time of year) & buying my midday meal invariably spirals towards a fiver.
  • I’m greedy & am rarely satiated by prepacked cardboardy sandwiches.
  • I’m smug & believe that what I make myself usually tastes better (even if it’s just a cheese & pickle butty).

However you won’t often find me preparing something to eat on the hoof that has come from a broadsheet, as many recipes described as “quick”, “easy” or similar within the pages of our quality nationals require access to a thoughtfully-stocked & Waitrose-sponsored larder.

So I was pretty pleased when I came across the above recipe suggestions, which ask for a bit more than a loaf of bread & some cheese, but not excessively so. I tested several of them out over the last week and found:

  • Barley & bits salad took an hour to prepare and lasted me 3 days. I’m suspicious of food this healthy looking, but it actually tasted damn good.
  • Tuna pepper pitta pockets – ok these are far from rocket science, but 10 mins prep = two days’ delicious filling scran. Which also happens to incorporate cheese & beans. Can’t ask for more than that really.